The range of restaurants in Paris is truly staggering and so knowing where to dine is something of an art in itself. And it's not just about the food. The bread, the wine and the service are all important in making the right choices and that comes only from experience. As we believe that real food and real taste come from living soil, we favour restaurants that work with locally-sourced, seasonal, organic products and natural, living wines. Fortunately there is an ever-growing number of these as the food revolution in Paris is all about quality, sustainability and real taste. So whether your budget can take you to the Michelin stars, or limits you to street food and the odd bistro, we know where to send you. And if you have dietary restrictions, are vegetarian, vegan or gluten intolerant, we can help there too. Don't speak French? We can make sure someone can help with your order and make your dining experience a pleasant one.

Restaurant bookings

  • As the list is long and covers most areas of the city, we invite you to contact us directly for more information.

  • Includes

        •   Advice on choices, range and budget

        •   Once a choice has been made, we make the restaurant reservation

        •   You receive a print-out confirmation of the reservation by email

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