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Paris Wine Walks is about sharing. Sharing personal stories, sharing wine, sharing bread, sharing food. It’s about Paris, its vineyards, its wine history, its medieval quarters, its people, its wines. It's about living vines and living wines.


Most people have heard of only one vineyard in Paris and very few know anything about 20 centuries of Parisian wine history. It is also about the discovery inherent in tasting – wine tasting of course, but also deliciously fermented breads and cheeses.


Walking (or cycling) together in the most beautiful quarters of the city, sharing food and wine brings us closer together. It opens the mind, enlivens the spirit and sharpens the palate.


We have a deep and long-lasting respect for those who work the soil to produce real food and real wine, as it is only these that provide real taste. Learn more about our Wine and Food philosophy.


Which might be translated as spiritually uplifting, joyfulness and playfulness, while also evoking ‘enthusiasm’ – to have the god within.


A long-time resident of France, Geoffrey is a wine professional, wine walker, writer, teacher, and translator who has made a doc film about biodynamic wine and written a book about the vineyards of Paris. He has extensive background in guiding wine and gastronomic tours throughout Europe and has sustained his love and interest in wine by working in a vineyard, selling wine in England, captaining a hotel barge, and taught courses on biodynamic wine. He operates a series of historic wine walks in Paris and continues to share his love of wine with private tours to the extraordinary garden of French vineyards.

Geoffrey S. Finch

Geoffrey Finch

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