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Juhi - India

May 2022


Geoffrey was wonderful. We were a family of four, and Geoffrey won all our hearts within the first few moments. He was witty, easy to talk to, and the 3 hours seemed to fly by. We tried some really delicious wines and exchanged interesting notes about the process of wine-making, agriculture, and wine-tasting (among very welcome detours in the discourse). All in all, I highly recommend taking this tour :)


Private Feedback: As you already know Geoffrey, we had a wonderful time on our tour, and I’ll be sure to get in touch if I’m in Paris again :)

Justin Weber - Portland Oregon

August 2022

“My mom and I did a wine tasting tour with Geoffrey in the Latin quarter. It was absolutely phenomenal! I couldn't recommend it more. My mom isn't even into wine, and she said it was one of the greatest experiences of her life. Geoffrey is super knowledgeable with regards to wine in general, but especially biodynamic wines. He is also hilarious, and a wonderful story teller. In the end, we left feeling like we gained a new friend. During the experience, we toured the botanical gardens which contains a still functional vineyard in Paris. We then tasted wine as we viewed to old roman ruins. Our next two stops were a fantastic wine bar and then a very special wine shop. We snacked and tasted wine into the evening. Do yourself a favor and book this experience!”


Apr 3, 2022

Wow, what an enjoyable evening. Geoffrey is so knowledgeable and entertaining it made the tour unique and special. This was the perfect way to round up a beautiful weekend in Paris! Also, delicious wine and bright conversation.


September 2021

I know a bit about wine but learned a lot more in this tour....I left the tour satiated with excellent cheese wine and bread and filled with wonder and pleasure from a few hours in great company learning new things.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!


Feb 9, 2020

Geoffrey was incredibly knowledgeable. I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to wine. I've done a couple of wine events trying to learn a bit more, but I feel like a lot of them say the same thing, but Geoffrey had a unique view and made me realize there's so much more to wine than I realized. 


July 2021

This experience was well worth it. After a personable and informative walk through the Marais, Geoffrey guided us to a quaint wine shop on Île Saint-Louis where he offered a delicious selection of wine and cheese for tasting. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a charming and anecdotal guide through one of the most idyllic districts in Paris. I came away from the experience with many new historical insights of Paris and, most importantly, helpful tips to use both when tasting and browsing/purchasing French wine.


Jun 4, 2019

My Wife and I had a wonderful time during our wine tour in Paris. Geoffrey was incredibly knowledgeable and made for an amazing experience! We can honestly say that this is one of the highlights of our trip to Paris. Thank you Geoffrey!


Apr 18, 2019

We loved our experience with Geoffrey. We would recommend it to anyone who comes to Paris and wants to learn more about the local wines of the region. Geoffrey is lovely and very easy to get along with.


Sep 6, 2019

Geoffrey was charming and caring to each individual participant. He has a wealth of knowledge about the history of area and the history, and is a truly wine tasting expert with deep understanding about growing wine and advocate for natural wines. Was an eye opening experience to me.

ak for itself.


May 29, 2018

It was a such a pleasure meeting Geoffrey who was everything we imagined & hoped he would be. His knowledge of wine & history of the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Germaine des - Pres was informative & amusing. He has a very quirky sense of humor & made sure we were all included as we strolled around what was the outskirts of the original Abbeys walls. Once the official tour was over we were introduced to a wonderful indoor market where we were treated to delicious cheeses & organic wines ( a subject dear to Geoffrey’s heart) with other members of our group. I would recommend Geoffrey’s tour to anyone who is keen to do something different, is keen to know more about Saint Germaine des -pres and organic wines from different regions of France.


Apr 16, 2019

Geoffrey was a delight. The wine was great, the cheese was incredible, and we learned more about the area. He also did a great job of facilitating discussion, so we got to know our fellow travelers and make connections. I thought this was a great experience and a good value for the price.


Oct 25, 2018

This was the best thing I’ve done in Paris - get acquainted with neighborhood with a local. There’s no better way to appreciate the and experience the city. Geoffrey with a wealth of knowledge and an exceptionally gracious host. He facilitated discussion and friendships! I’m so happy I did this and will be pleased to go on more tours with him. Don’t pass up this great, intimate, and fun tour in Saint Germain. Wonderful!


Oct 14, 2018

Geoffrey was a delightful host who shared his enthusiasm on history and the impact of wine on Paris’ evolution as a city. Thoroughly enjoyed his stories and sharing nibbles and wine with him. Highly recommend his tour. Thank you Geoffrey for your restaurant recommendation at Freddy’s - it was fantastic ! Janice & Greg


October 2018

You must do this tour! We learned an incredible amount about Paris and wine in a very short amount of time. The wine was amazing. Geoffrey is an exceptional host. Highlight of our trip to Paris.


Sep 29, 2018

It was a perfect experience for hedonists - tasty, relaxing and informative. We had a great time talking and discovering new. Thank you Geoffrey! Hope one day to repeat it again. I highly recommend this experience!


Sep 22, 2018

Geoffrey is very knowledgeable, fun to talk to and makes for an enjoyable few hours in a charming neighborhood. The wines, cheeses, and fresh vegetables selected for the tasting will not disappoint.


Jul 10, 2018

Geoffrey weaved poetic stories of early France and wine with aplomb. The walk had interesting sights, quips and great insights into Paris. The sit down at the market with cheese, wine and company was almost perfect. Go if you want to learn about wine and life in that order from Paris. Study up on your wine if you must know, there might be a quiz at the end!!!


Jun 17, 2018

Geoffrey is an inspiring and animated storyteller, and he has great knowledge of wines in France. The tour in Saint-Germain-des-Prés was very well prepared and lent me a new perspective of the area. We got to see many quaint corners of an otherwise busy area on a Sunday. The wines and cheeses we tasted were excellent and we had great conversations. This is a great Experience for those who are interested in the history of Paris and wines in the region.


Nov 18, 2018

Excelente tour. Aprendemos bastante sobre a cultura do bairro e principalmente sobre vinhos. Ótimo anfitrião. Atencioso, conhecedor e muito simpático. Foi uma manhã muito agradável. Recomendamos.


Private Feedback: Excelente passeio. Ótima dinâmica e principalmente a simpatia, comunicação e originalidade. Recomendamos!


Oct 25, 2018

This was the best thing I’ve done in Paris - get acquainted with neighborhood with a local. There’s no better way to appreciate the and experience the city. Geoffrey with a wealth of knowledge and an exceptionally gracious host. He facilitated discussion and friendships! I’m so happy I did this and will be pleased to go on more tours with him. Don’t pass up this great, intimate, and fun tour in Saint Germain. Wonderful!


May 12, 2018

We had such a great time on the experience with Geoffrey! He shared a lot of interesting and useful information about not only the area but wine in general - we walked away full of good wine, good food, and the pleasure of great company. If you like wine or food, this is the experience for you!


May 8, 2018

My mother and I had an amazing time with Geoffrey. He knows everything about wine and France. We were in a small group of only 6 people and it was very relaxed and friendly. We walked through Saint Germain des Pres area hearing some history and talking about all aspects of winemaking. The wine tasting and picnic was fabulous, with fresh snacks and three bottles to taste. Great conversation and a relaxing afternoon. You’ll leave with much more knowledge and appreciation for wine. Highly recommend!


Apr 22, 2018

A+ tour, and Geoffrey was a great guide! We learned a lot of history on the neighborhood then were taken back to a wine shop/cellar where we tasted 3 wines and ate fresh vegetables, bread, and cheese from the market. We learned a lot and got a great point of view from a local. He even gave us recommendations for when we travel soon to the French wine country!


Apr 22, 2018

A very informative and interesting walk around Paris and a wonderful wine tasting. A really great bang for your buck! We shared 3 bottles of “living vine” wine between the 5 in our group, fermented cheeses, bread, and veggies. I enjoyed the company of Geoffrey and the group. I would recommend the experience to a friend.


Feb 18, 2018

Geoffrey was an amazing host, so passionate about sharing his knowledge about wine history and tasting. Our group was small, 4 people, and his wine and cheese offering was amazing. He gave us all the food we didn’t eat after the tasting was over. We had a wonderful time at the tasting and browsing the market. The tour included walking around the neighborhood of Saint Germain de Prés which was really a nice bonus for us. I highly recommend this tour. We learned so much and enjoyed ourselves immensely. He generously gave us advice on other sites and things to do in Paris.


Jan 21, 2018

 Geoffrey is very knowledgeable in wine and history of Paris, also a great character and soul. I loved every bit of the tour even though it was rainy and cold. Great company with a local gentlemen, and 2 lovely american girls who studies wine in Paris. Will definitely recommend Geoffrey to anyone visiting Paris and loves food and wine, looking forward to be back in Paris again for more.


Jan 16, 2018

Geoffrey was beyond knowledgeable about Paris history and seamlessly weaved in the wine component. It was a perfect balance of a walking history tour and a fabulous tasting at the food market. During the tasting, Geoffrey exhibited his phenomenal wealth of knowledge of various topics and we had an engaging and informative discussion. Highly recommend and will book another tour with him if I have the opportunity!!


Nov 25, 2017

My friend and I had an incredible time on Geoffrey's wine tour! Probably our favorite part of our trip to Paris. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about wine but he also had great suggestions for other activities/food to check out in Paris. Only thing I wish I could change would be taking his tour on my first day of our trip so he could have given us suggestions on restaurants to check out :)


Nov 25, 2017

This tour was absolutely wonderful! Geoffrey is fantastic - he’s incredibly knowledgeable and really fun to be around. The experience was a perfect combination of history, site seeing and wine tasting. Plus the wine tasting came with a beautiful spread of fruit, meat and cheeses, plus great conversation. I also recommend booking this towards the beginning of your trip so you can get some restaurant recommendations from Geoffrey - he saved me and my girlfriend from an overpriced and overrated dinner plan for her birthday and helped us make a reservation at a much better place. He’s truly the best.


Nov 4, 2017


My husband and I had such a fun day with Geoffrey and the group! We walked away feeling like we made new friends for life. We learned not only about the history of wine/ winemaking in this region but also about many other interesting historical aspects of the area. The wine tasting and food pairing was beyond incredible. Some of the best wine and cheeses/meats I have ever had. I find myself back in the states constantly trying to find something even remotely close. This was a great experience that we will never forget! Thanks Geoffrey!


Nov 4, 2017

I can’t imagine a better tour than this one. Geoffrey is so incredibly knowledgeable but also very sweet. No question was out of bounds, and Geoffrey had an answer for everything! He is so smart, well traveled, cultured, and has been in Paris 30 years. Pretty much the perfect tour guide. We learned about the beautiful neighborhood of Saint Germaine, then ended the walk with a remarkable meal of delicious wine, bread, cheese, sausage, fruit and veggies - all organic and amazingly tasty. We learned a lot about Paris, wine and the vine growing process. We had a wonderful time chatting with new people and ate the most delicious food of our entire trip. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this walking tour and will send all my friends to Geoffrey if they visit Paris.

Samantha And Blake

Oct 15, 2017


 This was a really beautiful experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about wine. Geoffrey knows a lot about the winemaking history of Paris and also shared some interesting insights on organic and biodynamic farming. Sharing beautiful cheese, wine, grapes and bread towards the second half of the tour was really lovely. Thanks, Geoffrey.

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