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The Hidden Vineyards of Paris

Updated: Apr 18

Announcing the publication of the complete guide to the vineyards of Paris!

Read your way through the vineyards of Paris…

I am very pleased to announce the publication of ‘The Hidden Vineyards of Paris’ a guide to the vineyards of the city, their history and their locations. Emblematic of the power of nature and the enduring appeal that wine continues to have in a city that was built on wine, urban grapevines connect us with a story that is centuries old. 

The book covers Paris’ wine history while giving particular focus to the surprising number of vineyards that are currently flourishing in the capital. Part guide book, part reference and part wine book with illustrative photos, it offers an entirely unique perspective on Paris and is the only book of its kind, inviting readers to explore this other, greener side of the city. 

If you’re interested in wine, vines, and the history of Paris as seen through a wine glass, this book is for you. And those you love, so buy them a copy too!

… with me. Leap to the The Red Wheelbarrow Bookshop Paris this 29 February to get your copy.

I am also pleased to announce the book is being launched at ‘The Red Wheelbarrow Bookshop’ at 11 rue de Medicis, 75006 Paris on Thursday 29 February (yes, it’s a leap year) from 6:30-9pm. If you haven’t yet discovered this gem of a bookshop, now’s your chance.

Here is a brief review of The Red Wheelbarrow:

One of the most well-loved institutions in the Paris Anglophone community is the Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore, located on a lovely tree-lined street just across from the Luxembourg Gardens. 

Pauline Lemasson - June 1, 2022 in 'Inspirelle'

A note on the writing of ‘The Hidden Vineyards of Paris’

I began my life in France working in a vineyard, and since have developed a fondness and a certain fascination for vines. I am always happiest when visiting vineyards, as they are, in so many respects, symbolic of civilisation. Wherever vines have been planted, the arts and culture have followed and thrived.

Living in Paris I became aware, as most people do, of the city’s most renowned vineyard, the Clos Montmartre, but knew practically nothing of any of the others. What started as an exploration based on curiosity, quickly grew into a passion, the result being this little book, which I am very pleased to finally see in print, and I hope in reading it, you do too.

Vines tell stories, so grab a copy, a glass of wine, and wander with us into the hidden vineyards of Paris.


We look forward to seeing you at The Red Wheelbarrow bookshop on Thursday, 29 February. Leap to get your signed copy, a glass of wine, and enjoy an inspirational interlude of  ‘ivresse’!

Books will be on sale at the launch, but if you can’t make it, you can purchase a copy from the Paris Wine Walks website.

Wine Walks!

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Short on time? This one’s for you.

Drink responsibly, drink sustainably, in moderation

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