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Paris Bottled!

Service Description

Short on time but also want to learn about Paris' fabulous wine history, and enjoy an in-depth wine experience at the same time? This experience is for you! Up until a couple of centuries ago, the largest vineyard region in the entire world was the region around Paris. All of the walks we do include visits to a living vineyard in the heart of Paris that allow us to explore this forgotten history, followed by an in-depth natural wine tasting (with cheese, bread, and seasonal vegetables) that functions as a tie-in to the vineyards that are still present in the city. However, these walks with tastings are a minimum of 3 hours long, and so are sometimes more than people can afford in terms of time. In order to accommodate those with limited time, we have decided to focus on the wine tasting, without the vineyard visit, but still include background to the fascinating history of the vineyards of the Paris region. Please contact us to request a particular date or time if you do not see it scheduled. We look forward to meeting you and sharing some of the best of Paris with you! Includes
 • Blind tasting of 5 natural wines! • Exquisite cheeses, seasonal vegetables, astounding bread • Background to the history of the vineyards of Paris • Scintillating conversation, personal anecdotes and a convivial moment of mirth and merriment Time & Money • 1.5 hours long
 • 85 € per person • Exclusive (minimum 6 and maximum 14 wine enthusiasts)
 • Natural, organic & biodynamic wines
 Practical info • Afternoon or evening start time
 • Please let us know if you have food allergies or intolerances. This tour generally includes gluten (bread), dairy (raw cheese) • Not for children (minimum 16 years old)

Upcoming Sessions

  • Duration Varies
  • 75 euros
  • Place Saint-Germain des Prés|Rue des Rosiers|Parc de Belleville|Place Saint-Gervais|Clos Montmartre|Rue des Écoles|Fontaine Cuvier|Paris
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